About The Pros & Cons Of Enrolling A Child In Private School

Do you want to make sure that your child receives the best education possible? You may want to think about enrolling him or her in a private school, as it comes along with many benefits. Find out in this article about the pros and cons of a child going to private school so you can determine if enrollment in one is ideal. What Are the Pros of Sending a Child to Private School? [Read More]

2 Reasons Other Than Higher Test Scores To Send Your Child To Pre-K

If you are thinking of keeping your child at home until he or she starts kindergarten, you may want to reconsider. Studies show that children who attend pre-k are more ready for kindergarten than kids who are taught at home by a parent. The national Early Childhood Longitudinal Study indicates that kids who attend pre-k have higher test scores in reading and math than kids who only receive parental care before kindergarten. [Read More]

3 Ways You Can Build Up Your Relationship with Your Child Care Provider

It is important to have a strong relationship with your child care provider. Since the provider is responsible for watching your child for several hours a day, it is important that you develop a partnership. To help build and nurture a relationship with your provider, here are some tips.  Honor Appointments and Schedules Your child care provider is responsible for more than just your child. The provider's time is just as important as yours is. [Read More]

Pros And Cons Of Montessori Schools

In a pursuit to find the best educational method for your child, you will discover that there are a wide range available and each one offers different things. If you are considering a Montessori education for your child, it is important to know the pros and cons of the method: Advantages One of the benefits of a Montessori education is that studies have shown that children who learn through this method are more creative and fare better when it comes to reading and mathematics. [Read More]