7 Sure-Fire Ways To Tell If Your Child Is Ready To Begin Preschool

Preschool helps set the stage for early childhood academic and social development. While most preschools will accept enrollment of children 2–4 years of age, some children display a readiness sooner than others. How can you be sure your toddler is ready to begin a preschool program? Here are signs your little one has reached that stage and is ready to begin: 1. Your Child Is Potty Trained Has your child been potty trained, or are you still struggling with this endeavor? [Read More]

4 Tips For Preparing Your Child For Preschool

Starting preschool is a huge deal for your child and your family as a whole. Soon, instead of being home with you all day, your child will be in their first school environment, learning social skills, beginning to read, and getting guidance from their teachers. While preschool is generally a very positive and beneficial experience, the initial transition can be scary for some kids (and parents, too). Here are four great ways to prepare your child for preschool, ensuring the smoothest transition possible: [Read More]