What Are The Benefits Of Preschool

For many areas of the United States, enrolling your child in preschool can be costly.  Many parents wonder if at the age of three or four, the cost is worth the value.  The following are some of the reasons for investing in your child's education from a young age.

Kindergarten preparation

In some areas of the United States, kindergarten is all day.  If your child is transitioning from being home all day with a caregiver to having to sit in a structured environment for eight hours, this can be a difficult transition and can cause behavior problems.

Some adults worry that preschool will cut into their child's play time, but parents have the option to pick a preschool that fits their needs.  Many professional preschools understand kids that age aren't ready to sit still all day and provide plenty of hands on activities along with some practice at sitting and following directions.

Social development

Learning to share, handle children that are different from you and follow simple directions are all important milestones in life.  A preschool setting provides opportunities for children to practice these skills without mom constantly watching over their shoulder.  Many parents want to solve all of their children's problems, but kids need an opportunity to work some things out for themselves.  Preschool is a great opportunity for this skill.

Gain confidence

Many preschools offer children a chance to complete tasks that they are good at.  For example, one might be in charge of cleaning up certain toys or handing out snacks.  This helps them feel a sense of accomplishment.  Gaining confidence is important for future development.  A confident child will be more likely to ask teachers questions when they don't understand and to take on leadership roles.

Is your child ready?

Preschools may begin accepting children as young as 2.5.  But it is important for parents to assess at what age their child is ready.  Children need to be independent in some important areas.  Many schools require children to be potty trained.  Knowing how to wash hands and eat lunch on their own are also important skills.

Time away from parents may also be an important readiness indicator.  If your child has never spent much time away from you, spending three hours a day, three days a week away from you may be a hard transition.  Joining a gym with child care, or having them spend some time with a relative may help get them ready to spend that much time away from you.

There are many benefits to sending your child to a preschool before they enroll in kindergarten. To learn more, contact a company like D & J Educational Inc. with any questions or concerns you have.