4 Signs That A Vision Problem Is Impairing Your Child's Learning

If your child is in elementary school and you suspect that vision related problems may be impairing their learning, you may be wondering how you can positively identify the signs that your child has a problem. Here are some common signs that you can look out for if you are concerned that your child may be having vision problems that are affecting learning. If your child is experiencing at least three of the issues listed below then it is a good idea to have their eyes tested by an elementary school health or eye care professional.

Blinking Too Often

Children who are suffering from visual problems often blink very often in an attempt to try and see better. If you notice that your child tends to blink a lot when reading or in other everyday situations then this is one sign that there may be a problem. Excessive blinking may also be accompanied by a lot of eye rubbing.

Difficulty Reading

If your child has a tendency to lose their place while reading and has a difficult time finding where they left off then it is reasonable for you to suspect that your child may be having vision problems. A child whose vision is impaired may also use a finger to guide them while they read words off a page. Your child may also start omitting or repeating words while reading if they are having visual problems.

Placing Books Close To The Face

If your child has a tendency to put their head close to the book they are reading they may be having difficulty seeing the words. A child with visual impairments may also put their head very close to the book when they are writing on a page.

Hand-Eye Coordination Problems

If your child has difficulty writing on a page with lines then this may be a sign that they have vision problems. Writing below or above the lines in a notebook is often an indicator that your child is having trouble with hand-eye coordination. Difficulty tying shoelaces, stacking blocks or coloring within the lines are also signs that your child has hand-eye co-ordination problems.

Most of the signs listed above require that you become more aware of the actions of your child on a daily basis. Being observant is very important, since Identifying the signs that your child is having vision problems that are affecting their learning is the first step in getting your child the help that they need.