Pros And Cons Of Montessori Schools

In a pursuit to find the best educational method for your child, you will discover that there are a wide range available and each one offers different things. If you are considering a Montessori education for your child, it is important to know the pros and cons of the method: Advantages One of the benefits of a Montessori education is that studies have shown that children who learn through this method are more creative and fare better when it comes to reading and mathematics. [Read More]

What You Need For A Smooth Preschool Enrollment

Early childhood programs offer benefits galore! Quality pre-k's not only help your little learner in the short-term, but have also been shown to increase the likelihood that she won't have to repeat a grade later on and will graduate from high school, according to the National Education Association. What's the first step to securing your child's scholastic success? Preschool enrollment! Before you get ready to enroll, check out what you may need to have on hand before you sign your child up. [Read More]

Opening a Daycare? A Suggested Daily Schedule

Are you thinking about offering child care services? If so, one of the most crucial things you can do to make your daycare a success is to create a routine. Children thrive on routine; when they know what to expect, they feel comfortable and feel secure. Creating a schedule will help to ensure that each day will move smoothly and will keep everyone happy—including you. Not sure what type of routine will work for the children you are going to be caring for? [Read More]

4 Signs That A Vision Problem Is Impairing Your Child's Learning

If your child is in elementary school and you suspect that vision related problems may be impairing their learning, you may be wondering how you can positively identify the signs that your child has a problem. Here are some common signs that you can look out for if you are concerned that your child may be having vision problems that are affecting learning. If your child is experiencing at least three of the issues listed below then it is a good idea to have their eyes tested by an elementary school health or eye care professional. [Read More]